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Prices for Schools & Organizations

As we wish to bring Fine Arts students closer to painting techniques that are rarely taught at schools, we have developed a special pricing policy for schools and organizations that wish to offer their students or members something extra to their established curriculum.
To that end, we are offering all 3-courses as a Combo Course at a privileged price, which Schools and Organizations may buy along with the number of licenses that they wish to distribute to their students or members. The procedure is simple: You buy the privileged combo by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button and adding the number of licenses you wish to buy and distribute to the according number of Students or Members. Should you need any additional information, please check our FAQ section.
Fire Arts Trust offers fine arts students and painters rare courses on ancient painting techniques.

All three Techniques
  • One Licence per Student
  • Prepaid No of Licences
  • Full Feature Functionality

Complete Courses + Licence Packages

Schools and Organizations may buy all 3 courses as one Combo Course, along with a number of licenses to distribute to their students or members, at SPECIAL prices.

Note: This package cannot be sold as a standalone product. If you wish to buy the courses for 1 person only, please visit the page Pricing For Individuals